The Glacier Team

Meet Our Team of HVAC Experts

Here at Glacier we pride ourselves on exemplary customer service. Each technician is trained hands on with our owners to ensure the same service standards from each technician. We appreciate customer feed back.

Owner / Partner - Ed Doughty

Owner / Partner
Ed Doughty
Free time: Dirt Bike Enthusiast

Owner / Partner - Mike Houghton

Owner / Partner
Mike Houghton
Free time: Fitness

Owner / Partner - Derek McLean

Owner / Partner
Derek McLean
Free time: Guitarist

Installation Technician - Elijah

Service Technician
Free time: Outdoors Enthusiast

Installation Technician - Brooks

Installation Technician
Free time: K9 Enthusiast

Service Technician - Collin

Service Technician
Free time: Skate Boarding

Service Technician - Terry

Service Technician
Free time: Mountain Biking

Maintenance Coordinator/Office - Misti Rae

Maintenance Coordinator/Office
Misti Rae
Free time: Music

Maintenance Department - Aaron Green

Maintenance Department
Aaron Green
Free time: Hiking/Exploring

Apprentice - Quinten Divilbiss

Installation Technician
Quinten Divilbiss
Free time: Guitar